Tuesday, 30 June 2015 21:09

day 15

1 movement: four time the same taste with different sounds in Andreas colourful interpretation Larses wife Toshie has been in the studios today helping out with the big a3 scanner so we finally could get a scan of the beautiful artwork Andreas Hjort Bundgaard has made. It is a score of the piece as it was presented on Wundergrund festival, with all the details of food and sound now interpreted with a whole new medium: The visual. Nikolaj Has spend most of the rest of the day recording and hammering on all the metal bars in the workshops to get a full scale of resonating metal sounds for a new electronic instrument. The goal is to make an exploration of the extremes in sound ie. the ultrasonic and subsonic. Tomorrow we will continue the experiments with guitar pick-ups in order to be hyper selctive with the resonances. Apart from that the homepage has been updated with new pictures and articles. Andreas sketch from the meetings with Nikolaj
Sunday, 28 June 2015 20:26

days past

An action photo from our food recording session A lot has happened the past few days, but today I have been wandering through the empty halls of the art workshops completely alone. We have been recording and editing a lot of  eating sounds, we have been designing fat symphonies with milk: the so called "Chinese milk torture". Lars has been redrawing the whole table in to two new sizes and we have send Augusta to Roskilde with a bunch of brand new Tasteful turntable business cards. Today I have used all day on making a mini computer called "Raspberry pi" work with the table I am proud to say that it finally works after 8 hours struggle. Most importantly however we have got our brand new and huge atelier in the art workshops that we have furnished with kitchen, sound studio and workshop areas. I have taken the worlds most shaky panorama picture so you all can see it. Chinese milk torture Nikolaj vs. Mini computer 1:0 Our humongous workshop
Monday, 22 June 2015 16:57

Monday again

Lars working on the new lampholders in the side tables Today it is Monday again, and the production of Volume 3 has continued on all fronts. Lars has been producing new holders for the lamps in the side tables and worked on the electronic schematics. Nikolaj has made a busyness card for the project that we can hand out to important people. Augusta brought an experiment that alowed for the taste of acidy yuso to travel back and fourth on the tounge in a sort of stereo effect... We still need a practical way to serve the experience for the audience, but the idea worked great!!! More importantly we have all been talking about visions for the future. We are dreaming of a centre in Copenhagen where everyone working in the field between taste and sound can meet and interchange ideas. A centre of food and sound complete with kitchen, sound studio, stage and dining room. We are also dreaming about far away study trips. Even though it is plans for an yet unknown future, Augusta was so exited that she wanted to turn a somersault in the workshops.  On a smaller time scale we want to experiment with different…
Lars was home alone in the workshop today! Missing the bright minds of Nikolaj and Augusta today, I decided to record the other artists working at the machines in the metal workshop with our new binaural microphones. I actually found the natural composition that accidentally derived from the working artists really musical, especially a crispy slow rhythm of torch-brass-soldering accompanied by the ventilation system filling the room with a noisy yet pleasing drone. In the afternoon all the artists in residence gathered for a friday-cake-and-coffee in the atelier just next door. Poul Pedersen, who just celebrated his 82 years birthday, gave a passionate artist talk about his live in art, memory of fascism, the contrasting optimism in poetry, and the arts as a cathedral for secular inspiration. His daughter Carolyn Pedersen visiting from Paris helped me with the sound recordings and she went on to record all the machines and working artists in the wood workshop upstairs. Meanwhile I got excited about the machines in the metal workshop and started cutting steel in the right size for joins and connecting points that might become handy the coming days... What sound material Carolyn gathered is still unknown to me. I am…
Thursday, 18 June 2015 14:49

Day 4

Today Lars has carried the heavy oak plate on the bike through the rain, so that we have been able to assemble the entire table. It still works like a charm. The electronics box does however need a cosmetic surgery :). Lars have had a fruitful meeting with Nordic music days, Augusta is unfortunately sick and Nikolaj have been working on the plug-and-play-ability of the software. Our etudes have to wait until Augusta feels better. Here is a picture proofing that the table is running and one of Lars working on the table. Above the messy electronics box.
Tuesday, 16 June 2015 15:26

Day 2

Our second day at the Danish Art Workshops went with designing a large number of etudes for training us for the final compositions. Everything from synthetic apples, infrasonic food, and sulamut grapes to the making of a chewing library has been discussed. we also made a new friend and enjoyed an exiting lecture on design by Michael Sheridan.
Monday, 15 June 2015 17:13

First day at the Danish art workshops

Tasteful Turntable has been chosen as artists in recidentcy at the Danish art Workshops from 15th of June until 17th of July. The following month we will update this blog with our daily progress. Today we got the keys, and have dedicated the rest of the afternoon to intense discussion on the continuation of Tasteful Turntable. Next season we will present a brand new and symphonic version of the table. Lars is building the old table and finding out what need to be done in the workshop and Augusta is getting out of her usual surroundings in the kitchen. The vibe is full of taste and sound. Below also a few of the more outrere sketches we came up with today. Here: car tire construction and TT isolation along with the taste-syringe.