Friday, 19 June 2015 19:06

Home Alone, Day 5 at the Danish Artworkshops

Lars was home alone in the workshop today!

Missing the bright minds of Nikolaj and Augusta today, I decided to record the other artists working at the machines in the metal workshop with our new binaural microphones. I actually found the natural composition that accidentally derived from the working artists really musical, especially a crispy slow rhythm of torch-brass-soldering accompanied by the ventilation system filling the room with a noisy yet pleasing drone.

In the afternoon all the artists in residence gathered for a friday-cake-and-coffee in the atelier just next door. Poul Pedersen, who just celebrated his 82 years birthday, gave a passionate artist talk about his live in art, memory of fascism, the contrasting optimism in poetry, and the arts as a cathedral for secular inspiration.

His daughter Carolyn Pedersen visiting from Paris helped me with the sound recordings and she went on to record all the machines and working artists in the wood workshop upstairs. Meanwhile I got excited about the machines in the metal workshop and started cutting steel in the right size for joins and connecting points that might become handy the coming days...

What sound material Carolyn gathered is still unknown to me. I am looking forward to listen through it tomorrow!

Joins and connecting points of today next to Guillia Crispiani's hand made ceramics.