Monday, 22 June 2015 16:57

Monday again


Lars working on the new lampholders in the side tables

Today it is Monday again, and the production of Volume 3 has continued on all fronts. Lars has been producing new holders for the lamps in the side tables and worked on the electronic schematics. Nikolaj has made a busyness card for the project that we can hand out to important people. Augusta brought an experiment that alowed for the taste of acidy yuso to travel back and fourth on the tounge in a sort of stereo effect... We still need a practical way to serve the experience for the audience, but the idea worked great!!!

More importantly we have all been talking about visions for the future. We are dreaming of a centre in Copenhagen where everyone working in the field between taste and sound can meet and interchange ideas. A centre of food and sound complete with kitchen, sound studio, stage and dining room. We are also dreaming about far away study trips. Even though it is plans for an yet unknown future, Augusta was so exited that she wanted to turn a somersault in the workshops.  On a smaller time scale we want to experiment with different level of fat in diary products as a composition, the picture below shows a sketch of a ceramic milk drinking device. Next to that we want to design audio filters, that can change the sound from raw to fried, boiled or dehydrated. 

Tomorrow we will go in the sound studio and record a full library of chewing sounds for later use.


Larses electronic schematics need to be rewritten, but the lamp holders looks great!


the text says Chinese milk torture, but please don't worry