Sunday, 28 June 2015 20:26

days past


An action photo from our food recording session

A lot has happened the past few days, but today I have been wandering through the empty halls of the art workshops completely alone. We have been recording and editing a lot of  eating sounds, we have been designing fat symphonies with milk: the so called "Chinese milk torture". Lars has been redrawing the whole table in to two new sizes and we have send Augusta to Roskilde with a bunch of brand new Tasteful turntable business cards.

Today I have used all day on making a mini computer called "Raspberry pi" work with the table I am proud to say that it finally works after 8 hours struggle.

Most importantly however we have got our brand new and huge atelier in the art workshops that we have furnished with kitchen, sound studio and workshop areas. I have taken the worlds most shaky panorama picture so you all can see it.


Chinese milk torture

20150628 221721

Nikolaj vs. Mini computer 1:0

20150628 222211

Our humongous workshop