Tuesday, 30 June 2015 21:09

day 15


1 movement: four time the same taste with different sounds in Andreas colourful interpretation

Larses wife Toshie has been in the studios today helping out with the big a3 scanner so we finally could get a scan of the beautiful artwork Andreas Hjort Bundgaard has made. It is a score of the piece as it was presented on Wundergrund festival, with all the details of food and sound now interpreted with a whole new medium: The visual.

Nikolaj Has spend most of the rest of the day recording and hammering on all the metal bars in the workshops to get a full scale of resonating metal sounds for a new electronic instrument. The goal is to make an exploration of the extremes in sound ie. the ultrasonic and subsonic. Tomorrow we will continue the experiments with guitar pick-ups in order to be hyper selctive with the resonances.

Apart from that the homepage has been updated with new pictures and articles.


Andreas sketch from the meetings with Nikolaj